The link is bad now, but the current season is Infinite Recharge:

My wife and I went and watched a competition and I knew it was something I eventually wanted to get involved in (and the family/children we had just started planning to have).

I started working with my hands in robotics (bought a for dummies book) and hoped one day to inspire my son or daughter.

Later it became a core part of the inspiration for Creation-GeekHaven, the STEM and Rocketry Program non-profit I’m founding when this COVID stuff dies down and I can return to my home in Washington.

You can’t imagine how happy I was when my son showed an interest in Space and Computers (not to mention the Space Dragon stuff:🤙).

I’m definitely a lucky man.

Didn’t quite make Spring of 2020 like I had originally planned out. But perhaps Fall.

Didn’t realize it was 10 years in the making.

How about that? I must be an oracle, eh?


#StandUpEight (at Seaview, Washington)

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