With Solar Panels, Tesla Cybertruck Will Become First The Go-Anywhere EV


The Tesla Cybertruck will come equipped with solar panels and will be the ultimate adventure electric vehicle. It will have the capability of performing well on track as well as on dirt, snow and mud.

The same was explained by Tailosive EV in one of his latest videos. He talked about Tesla’s track mode version 2 in Cybertruck. This mode provides Tesla electric cars with more control over its electric powertrain and the way in which the power is distributed. For the Tesla Cybertruck, this mode will be particularly helpful in tackling off-road conditions.

In this mode, the driver will be able to see and analyze the traction on different wheels in different conditions. One can see if the tire is losing traction and control the amount of torque reaching the different wheels.

In addition, this will allow the driver to move each pair of wheels at different speeds depending upon the driving condition. For example, if the car is moving in icy or snowy conditions, there are options so that the car does not lose control.

Similarly, if the vehicle is moving on rough roads, the traction can be maintained accordingly.

Additionally, the exoskeleton structure and stainless steel body are good enough to keep the vehicle safe from heavy wear and tear. If someone is going camping or any other outdoor activity then it’s common for tree branches to scratch the outer body and peel-off the paint of the vehicle.

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