Looking back I realize my mistakes…


At the time when we didn’t know what love was, we met. I wasn’t even searching for anyone. I was comfortable in my skin, and there was no loneliness or any feeling of discomfort. I was enough in myself. And as they say, when you are looking for anything, you get the best. So he sent you- A girl of hope and dreams, a girl who likes grey. I didn’t know then that it was going to be the day I’ll never forget. This is so weird about the time, we never know what we are living will be missed.

I regret every minute wasted when you were in front of me and I didn’t talk to you. I regret those goodbyes and goodnights. I wish if I had never said them if we could have just kept talking endlessly. God knows how much I hate goodbyes now. God knows how much I hate rains now. God knows how much I cared.

Every time I get sad happy or sad now, I miss you. I miss you every time I sit to write. I know you are not going to read anything and this breaks my heart. You never loved reading, and I used to make you read everything. You are not here, and I don’t know why I am writing this. This is only getting worse.
The nights are getting longer. The days pass somehow. I keep waiting for the springs and they never come. Looking back I realize my mistakes. But then, it is also right that you never understood.

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