We lose ourselves when we try to be someone we are not.


The desire to be loved, to be heard, to have someone we can share everything with. When these desires are not completed, we create an environment. We make sadness our friend. In this environment, we start hating everything. The environment is a complex place to live in. There are no certainties.

We forget the difference between rights and wrongs. The two worlds start merging and the reality fades away to a place where no one can reach, and no one can make us reach. The truths people tell us to bring us back only haunt us. Imagination is the only place where we find peace and comfort.

We do not accept that we are broken, and to be broken is better than living in that environment.Broken pieces can be healed. The environments stay as they are. And that is a bitter truth.

There are no honest words that will tell you the truth. Only the truth.

I will try to keep my words as close to reality as possible. I will only explain what I have seen, what I believe to be true. I have listened to thousands of people. I have lived their stories. I know how they hurt themselves in the process of staying in the same environment.

They do not even know that it is toxic. They keep trying to make it a happy place, while what they need is to get away from it. They need to find a place where the truths and lies are two different entities. 

They need to find their meaning of peace. They need to find what makes them happy.

There are no better days. There is a present that needs to be taken care of. The past is only here for experiences. Slow how you are living your life. Observe and listen. Love. Travel. Find your way of living. Do not try to be someone that you are not. Talk to someone if you are not feeling well.

I am still trying to understand this world, to learn how humans behave. I am only growing every day. I feel better when you people DM me and write beautiful comments. I am happy that my words resonate with your situations a

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