Staying happy should not be a burden…

We never realize that bad days just like the good days are part of life. We are constantly running in the search of better days. There are no better days. It is today that can be accepted and can be fully lived. But we are in no mood to accept today. We are constantly thinking of making the future the best day of our life. We are in illusion.

Time is passing by. We also have the tendency to remember past as something perfect. We live in nostalgia and compare everything with the past. It was better then. Oh, I had better friends. Oh, I was happy then. While the truth is that with time, the bad memory fades away. But we keep good memories safely. We constantly think that life has gotten worse and we have to make it alright again.

I am not saying that there are no problems. I am only saying that we make things more complicated. When it comes to acceptance, we are not ready. We keep eating the rotten tomatoes in the hope that we will eat the fresh ones tomorrow. That day never comes. And we never enjoy the fresh tomatoes.

Accept yourself. Accept your life. Accept the challenges that life has given you and work for them. There is no benefit in cursing. Each of us is facing struggles that cannot be understood by everyone. Life is a great leveler. Staying happy should not be a burden. It should be a choice that no matter what comes, we will face it with a smile. You are stronger than you consider you to be. There are no battles that you can lose.

Smile. The world feels better when you smile.

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