What can really happen when you lie and make false reports…

Amy Cooper said the quiet part out loud when she called the police on Christian Cooper

There are far reaching impacts to false narratives…

Amy Cooper is only guilty of being caught on camera and making the subtext the text. As fragile as they may be, white women know that even the shards of their shattered privilege are still sharp enough to slit our throats. They don’t even have to scream bloody murder.

Michael Harriot – Washington Post


Amy Cooper weaponized police against Christian Cooper by feigning assault.

When Amy Cooper exalted her voice and played damsel in distress on the 911 call, she put Christian Cooper’s life on the line. Notice in the above video just how sadistic Amy Cooper became. To increase the sense of urgency for police, she changed her demeanor, raised her voice inflections, and heightened her cries and animations all in an attempt to get police on the scene ASAP. She put it all on the line to ensure that the person on the other end of the 911 call would believe that she was indeed being assaulted. She worked overtime to make sure that the only impression they could get was that her very life may be taken if they didn’t act quickly.

With her performance, Amy Cooper raised the stakes and increased the likelihood that police would not just show up to Central Park, but they would show up with guns drawn ready to cause immediate harm to Christian Cooper. She raised the stakes to make police prepared to do whatever they needed to do to ensure her safety.

The very message Amy Cooper was sending to Christian Cooper was that police exist to serve and protect her. She was sending a loud and clear message that she believes police work for her good and will work to Christian’s bad. Her actions left no doubt that she believes that police will do w

Terina Allen – Forbes


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