Seeker – Elements: Black Hole Is So Close You Can “See” It, Here’s How

Seeker just released an awesome video about a black hole system that is apparently close enough to see with the naked eye: Black Hole Is So Close You Can “See” It, Here’s How

A team of astronomers discovered a black hole lying just 1,000 light-years from Earth — and its presence may hint at the existence of many more.

Astronomers have just found the closest black hole to us yet, a discovery which suggests there could be even more black holes lurking out there in the universe. The astronomers were originally looking for a double star system called HR 6819 — a pair of stars close enough that it can be seen from the Southern Hemisphere without any optical aids on a dark and clear night. But while observing the stars, the astronomers realized that what they were really seeing was a three body system: The inner star was orbiting around something (hint, hint: a black hole) once every 40 days, while the outer star orbited the pair from much farther away. So how did researchers know that the star was orbiting a black hole? And what does this discovery mean for the future of space observation and our understanding of large stars and three body systems? Find out in this Elements.

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