Boston Scientific Spectra WaveWriter SCS System

Today is a good day, playing tag with the surgeon’s scheduling department, but it looks like I’ll be getting my spinal stimulator implant repaired/replaced soon. Best part is the system should be a significant upgrade to the model I had before for a variety of reasons… Although I’ll be glad to just not be in constant pain anymore for a change.

The Spectra WaveWriter SCS System is engineered to automatically rotate through waveforms to help simplify personalization and deliver the most effective therapies with the lowest energy usage — both today and as pain changes over time.

waveform automation

Expanded MultiWave Capabilities: MicroBurst3D™

The system’s MicroBurst3D Waveforms expands Multiwave™ Technology and are designed to personalize burst stimulation to address patient variability.

  • Rates from 2 Hz to 1,200 Hz
  • Bursts from 2 to 1,000+ pulses per packet with variable frequencies
  • Field shapes personalized to each individual patient

Program Scheduling

Automatically rotate through waveforms with program scheduling to easily evaluate and personalize therapy.

Recent randomized controlled trials have shown:

  • There may be different mechanisms involved with different therapies.1
  • Some patients may only respond to one therapy.2
  • Multiple therapies provide superior outcomes when patients are able to choose the most effective therapy.3

Spectra WaveWriter Spinal Cord Stimulator System

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