What We Can Learn From COVID-19 about Pandemics and Resilient Cities

Perhaps we should take this time to stop the focus on what everyone else is doing wrong and a more focused look at how to get better. Acknowledge – Absolutely… But don’t dwell and drown, celebrate the successes and LEARN.

As COVID-19 spreads around the world, non-resident senior fellow on global cities Robert Muggah shares his insights into the spread and impact of pandemics, why they are becoming more common, and how cities can help minimize threats now and into the future in a conversation with Singularity University.

Are Pandemics Increasing and What Do They Cost?

Explore this data visualization to look at coronavirus cases tracked worldwide starting in December 2019 and compare them to other disease outbreaks, including dengue fever, zika, and Ebola.  

Explore his visualization. 

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