You want to live your life, live it here

You want to live your life, live it here

This line is so significant to me. How many of us live in escapism, dreaming of things that aren’t real, situations that will never exist? Exaggerating reality to make themselves either the hero or victims of their own stories?

Quentin does these things frequently, and it’s almost more depressing than the world itself. Living in a world that isn’t real and that will never come to fruition can be frustrating and sad.

In the scene pictured, Q and Eliot devote themselves entirely to a single task. It’s this task that gives their life meaning, but that isn’t their full life. “You want to live your life, live it here”. It’s in their devotion to this task that allows them to live their life, and it’s freeing in a way. It free’s Q to finally settle down and spend time with his family, to live a real life full of love, devotion, and finally heartbreak.

Many people don’t understand this concept of devotion; the idea that you can find meaning in commitment and discipline. FOMO, depression, anxiety; all of these things stem from an insecurity that the world sucks and beats on you. That you’ll never fit in or be a part of it, that the world exists around you and doesn’t care about you.

Don’t loose your purpose. Keep focus on what is really important to you and be present. It’s shocking what can change in a moment.

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