Girl gets fired

This is a phenomenal video to show what depression really looks like. For me, I had never been depressed before. So I didn’t realize what that looked like until it was too late to fix easily. Especially if you’re with someone who struggles with depression too. It tends to quickly devolve to a situation where you create a negative feedback loop making everything worse for both of you.

My favorite part is at 4:45 when they depict her clearly in the middle of depression perfectly… Her house is trashed and she clearly hasn’t taken a shower. Why? Well, I’ve been there. That is exactly what I went through after I won my disability case.

The loss of purpose can cause people to go through all of the stages of grief. And once depression it just gets harder and harder to get out of bed… And that is how a house ends up being in the sad state they find it in (at 4:45 in).

Learn the signs and be proactive. If your lucky, you won’t be depressed for long.

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