Sacramento ranks 3rd on list of cities with ‘Scroogiest’ drivers during holiday season

Why does this not surprise me:

Sacramento ranks 3rd on list of cities with ‘Scroogiest’ drivers during holiday season Other California cities on the list by Hope Miller via KRCA

A study conducted by GasBuddy found that Sacramento drivers are letting the stress of 2020 get to them this holiday season when they hit the road.

Sacramento came in at No. 3 on a list of cities with the most aggressive drivers, and it wasn’t the only California city to make the list. Los Angeles landed in the top spot and San Diego came in second.

The GasBuddy study looked at which cities had the highest frequency of aggressive driving habits such as rapid acceleration, hard braking and speeding during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend to make its rankings.

GasBuddy also hypothesized about why Californians appear to have some of the “Scroogiest” drivers. Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, said in a statement that California issuing another round of stay-at-home orders “could have been the catalyst for the highest percent of Grinch-style aggressive driving occurring in the country.”

“When we are anxious and stressed, it surfaces in a multitude of ways including how we drive. Given how this year is going, it’s likely we’ll also see a higher level of aggressive driving ahead of Christmas,” his statement goes on to say.

GasBuddy, a travel and navigation app, pointed out that staying calm on the road not only helps keep people safe but can also help drivers save money on their fuel costs.

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