Angry at the unvaccinated? Here’s a better way

Angry at the unvaccinated? Here’s a better way (details at: – Hint: Empathy)

California first state to bring back indoor mask rules to combat soring COVID-19 rates

And it’s not just the masses who are letting us down but people close to us: our coworkers, friends, family members. You may be furious at what you see as the selfishness and ignorance and lack of civic responsibility in the people in your life who refuse to get the jab.

And you’re not alone — social media is rife with posts that attempt to convince people to get vaccinated by explaining how wrongheaded they are. It’s human nature. You might be doing the same kind of browbeating yourself.

But here’s a question: How’s that strategy working for you? After you lay into the anti-vaxxers and the vaccine-hesitant, are they thanking you for setting them straight and rushing to make appointments?

Our guess is, that’s not what’s happening.

Instead, those conversations get heated, things get said that can’t be unsaid and you both leave feeling angry, frustrated and resentful. In the moment, it can feel good to indulge our emotions and let them have it. But the cost is high: We damage the relationship and they don’t get vaccinated. Even when we present them with clear, seemingly convincing facts.

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