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I’ve fed mouths that have talked shit about me…

I’ve wiped tears off faces that have caused mine. I have picked up people who have tried to knock me down. I’ve done favors for people that can do nothing for me. I’ve been there for people that have not been there for me.

Crazy? Maybe… but I will not loose myself in the hatred of others; I continue to be me because I am who I am and it is my nature.

Memorial Day Weekend – Dangerous as Hell

This weekend marks the 35th anniversary of my father’s death… Ultimately the reasons why have been loosely based on fact, the reality is he would have likely been with us today if he had taken precautions (He didn’t wear his seatbelt).

New to me (literally just an hour ago), but he wasn’t in fact killed by a drunk but by a kid who was playing a game to see how many lights/stops he could burn through before he had to turn them back on (think of it as solitaire chicken).

Frankly, that’s worse because it became a willful act rather than a side effect of impairment.

Just saying: Don’t play games with your life, it effects a lot more than yourself when eventually you loose.

I want…

When I listen to the tapes… I want to see her in school tomorrow. I want to eat Mike and Ike’s out of the box with her at the crestmont. I want to dance with her again, and kiss her… when I should have kissed her. But I can’t.