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Happy Birthday

Happy birthday. Your father misses you, cares for you deeply and wants nothing more then to close this distance between us. Regardless of how far apart we are, I have been there for you since the moment you came into this world. That will never change. Be well. You are loved. Enjoy your day.

The value of birthdays tends to change the older you are.

No matter how old you are, birthdays are always fun. But the value of birthdays tends to change the older you are. Either way, being around friends, family and the ones you love are what make it a great day and celebrating life is something special in itself. So, kick your shoes off and enjoy, my friends!

Wow. I can’t wait to sing happy birthday tomorrow to someone I don’t know. What an amazing and incredible thing to arrange for your significant other.

Tyler, whoever you are. You’re a lucky man and you better not let that one get away. Clearly she has an amazing heart and is person who loves you very much.

I wish I was so lucky. Congrats and Happy Birthday.