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The forest dances with the light, reminding me that hope always finds a way through


The forest dances with the light, reminding me that hope always finds a way through.

People visit my past more than I do. I don’t live there anymore sweetheart. I sold the whole building



People visit my past more Thea. I do. I don’t live there anymore sweetheart. I sold the whole building.

You have to fight.


Just because things once messed up a little, and they were not there for you when you needed them the most, don’t stop trusting, don’t lose hope; humanity is still alive.

Things are like that, they mess up at times, but it doesn’t mean it’s always their mistake; circumstances play an important role sometimes. Even if it was their mistake, trust me everyone is unique, they were not for you, move on.

But don’t stop loving, it’s the only thing that separates us from other living beings. Don’t let the compassion die. This world is full of love, find your worth.

You will learn to love yourself one day. That day, you will start growing. All the insecurities will mean nothing to you, and you will smile looking at your scars, for they made you tough.

But, promise me! Promise me that you won’t look back from there, you will not let that self-love die, or fade. And you will stop crying on those lonely nights, for you will need no one but you to complete yourself.

Until then, keep searching. Don’t try to go far, look within, for self-love is internal. Stay happy.

Looking back I realize my mistakes…


At the time when we didn’t know what love was, we met. I wasn’t even searching for anyone. I was comfortable in my skin, and there was no loneliness or any feeling of discomfort. I was enough in myself. And as they say, when you are looking for anything, you get the best. So he sent you- A girl of hope and dreams, a girl who likes grey. I didn’t know then that it was going to be the day I’ll never forget. This is so weird about the time, we never know what we are living will be missed.

I regret every minute wasted when you were in front of me and I didn’t talk to you. I regret those goodbyes and goodnights. I wish if I had never said them if we could have just kept talking endlessly. God knows how much I hate goodbyes now. God knows how much I hate rains now. God knows how much I cared.

Every time I get sad happy or sad now, I miss you. I miss you every time I sit to write. I know you are not going to read anything and this breaks my heart. You never loved reading, and I used to make you read everything. You are not here, and I don’t know why I am writing this. This is only getting worse.
The nights are getting longer. The days pass somehow. I keep waiting for the springs and they never come. Looking back I realize my mistakes. But then, it is also right that you never understood.